Mai-Thu Perret & Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

Mai-Thu Perret & Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Conversation, video, 38’20’’, sound, English, 2022

From film to performance, by way of painting, sculpture and installation, Mai-Thu Perret’s multifaceted practice combines modernism, the Arts and Crafts movement and Oriental spiritualities. Her works address various themes ranging from gender issues and radical feminist policies to humans (bodies, sexuality, medical issues), the intimate space (furniture, common objects, decors) and childhood (drawings, games). Her interest in certain craft techniques links Mai-Thu Perret to Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, whose work very freely expresses questions related to bodies, sexuality and gender. In an often autobiographical narrative, the artist expresses his commitment to a more tolerant and less conventional society.

Conversation is an interview between Mai-Thu Perret and Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, the first in a series of filmed discussions which the CEC will produce with artists and other figures from the art world involved in its programming. This interview is an opportunity to look back at the Scrolls in the Wind edition, which Matthew Lutz-Kinoy produced for the Centre in 2018, and the recent exhibition and edition My sister’s hand in mine, which Mai-Thu Perret produced for the Centre in 2022. The interview reveals the complicity between these two artists with unique backgrounds and their shared interest in crafts.

Mai-Thu Perret (1976, Geneva) lives and works in Geneva. Her work has been presented in various solo exhibitions, including Mother Sky at David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles (2023); Real Estate and Untitled at Instituto Svizzero, Rome (2021 and 2022); My sister’s hand in mine at Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva (2021). She has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions: Les Flammes at Musée d’art moderne de Paris, Paris (2021); Same things make us laugh, make us cry at Body Archive Project, Zurich (2021).

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (1984, New York) lives and works between Los Angeles and Paris. His projects have been exhibited in various solo exhibitions such as: Plate is Bed, Plate is Sun, Plate is Circle, Plate is Cycle at Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris, France (2022); Soap Bubbles at Art Basel Parcours, Basel (2022). He recently took part in the following group exhibitions: River of Rebirth at Z33, Hasselt (2023); Le salon de musique at Kamel Mennour, Paris (2022).
This project is sponsored by the Federal Office of Culture and the Republic and the Canton of Geneva.