Guillaume Dénervaud

Guillaume Dénervaud, AGLOROMONES, video, 2’53’’, sound, 2022

Guillaume Dénervaud’s practice includes drawing, printing, sculpture, and installation, with a focus on forms taken from science fiction, films, comics, and literature. He is also inspired by reality, combining references to decorative and utilitarian objects, reconnecting with materials, techniques and forms often derived from crafts, design or more simply from popular culture and everyday life. He mixes contemporary modes of production with forgotten or rediscovered traditional practices. Guillaume Dénervaud’s graphic work, carefully executed by hand, recalls the precision and rigour of industrial and mechanical technical drawings. But on closer inspection, the figurative graphic language of the latter gives way to a poetic abstraction composed of infinite combinations of cellular, round, or serpentine forms, interconnected by the silky textures of digital renderings.

AGLOROMONES is Guillaume Dénervaud’s first video work. It presents a selection of images shot outdoors, which embody the raw material of the anthropogenic research and concerns which underpin the artist’s entire body of work. Filmed on the route that separates Guillaume Dénervaud’s former residence in the 18th arrondissement of Paris and his studio in Saint-Denis, the images document the artist’s daily observations in this rapidly transforming part of the city. AGLOROMONES presents a series of scenes filmed between abstraction and reality, a crossing of interstitial and peripheral spaces, transit areas between the city and the countryside.

Guillaume Dénervaud (1987, Fribourg) lives and works in Paris. His work has been presented in a variety of solo exhibitions, including Synthetic Splinter at the Bel Ami Gallery, Los Angeles (2023), Surv’Eye at the Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva (2021), STRATA at La Cristallerie, Saint-Louis (2020). He has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions : La main-pleur at the Kunsthalle Friart, Fribourg (2022), Des corps, des écritures at the Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (2022), Les formes du transfert at the Magasins Généraux, Paris (2022).
The project Videos: new and revisited is sponsored by the Federal Office of Culture and the Republic and the Canton of Geneva.

Guillaume Dénervaud’s video AGLOROMONES is sponsored by the Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain of the Canton of Geneva.