Marie Angeletti

Du 26 novembre 2021 au 4 février 2022
Vernissage, jeudi 25 novembre 2021, de 18h à 20h

La rentrée du Quartier des Bains, jeudi 13 janvier 2022, de 18h à 21h

This show has been planned since September 2018.
I have provided reasons when no reason is apparent, I have been called on to share my intentions: as if an explanation can be clear and firm. Here. While what I’m advocating by doing, and this is what the Marseille group exhibition did too: an image is constantly in the process of being made. Here and now. 

Mirror foil, 2021

The inside of the gallery is impossible to be seen from the street during the day. Include the spectator in the process of the exhibition. When the sun goes down the inside becomes visible, the outside is a reflection, the viewer is framed by night (without seeing who is watching from the outside). Sunlight changes the corpus of the show. Through the foil, the sun alternates the form and life within, which implies passage of time, experience of the present. The artificial light condition of the inside is on 24 hours. (Genève, ville paranoïaque).
(images of the mirror foil are recommended to be taken with flash)

334 POLISHED BALLS, November 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 2021

According to no plan, I polished 334 balls this month. I could do 8 balls per hour. I had to alternate between 2 and 3 balls, since the rotations plus the metal were making the balls really hot. I polished them until they became mirrors. Mouvement répéter en avançant – moves repeat as you move forward. Depending on the metal, the polishing results were not the same for each ball, some were easier than others. Two cylinders rotating with immediate result, exhaust it until you have no time left. Machine-like feeling, metal emancipated, the mind off. Life lives in them. Don’t think – don’t panic – don’t spin off – or whirl etc. Sometimes my feet weren’t even on the ground which could cause an electric shock. In Boson de Higgs, called la particule de Dieu, the only thing that did not turn into mass was light. Change matter into energy. Smell it and feel their heat. I followed investigate with enthusiasm whatever turns you on. Is it what you desire that creates your quality? Two rotations, ie. frottement (rubbing), massaging them was extremely sexual. Group masturbation, mass attraction, loud sound, breathing metal, repetitive rotations – doing repetitive movement. My hand was slippery from the polishing gel, balls kept on falling with a loud sound on the floor.  Attempting to get higher in one’s ability. How to fuse into the present? Never stop moving – rubik’s cube – instability – keeps on changing form. Energy has long wavelengths, I condensed four years (of thinking about the show) in these 10 days of polishing balls. I didn’t abandon the work, I stopped because I had no time left.
(images of the polished balls are recommended to be taken with flash)

November 2nd : 37 balls polished – falls :
November 3rd : 26 balls polished – falls :
November 4th : 16 balls polished – falls :
November 5th : 20 balls polished – falls : 17
November 8th : 22 balls polished – falls : 11
November 9th : 34 balls polished – falls : 12
November 10th : 55 balls polished – falls : 6
November 11th : 34 balls polished – falls : 5
November 12th : 24 balls polished – falls : 4
November 18th : 28 balls polished – falls : 4
November 20th  : 34 balls polished – falls : 8
November 22nd : 16 balls polished – falls : 3
November 23th : 35 balls polished – falls : 7

Minerve, 2021
Xenon,  2021
Untitled, 2021
Untitled, 2021
Untitled, 2021
Untitled, 2021
Untitled, 2021
Untitled, 2021
Charité Berlin, 2021

I show it all in my own time, and from scattered locations, conditioned by light and the inability to arrive in here. Reverse the years. Qu’est-ce qui se joue dans les silences ? Amplification – I feel for the trees across at Cimetière des Rois.

Merci à Véronique, Olga, Camilla, Gianmaria, Stefan, Henrik, Ye, Fabrice, Dora, Win, Anna, Steve, Hajid, Varun, Delphine, Christine – le grand bleu – startle – wiggle – dizzled





L’exposition de Marie Angeletti est soutenue par le Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, DCS, Genève.
Le CEC est soutenu pour sa programmation 2021 par le Département de la culture et de la transition numérique, la Loterie Romande, la Fondation Leenaards et une fondation privée genevoise.
Le CEC suit les consignes et recommandations sanitaires de l’Office fédéral de la santé publique (OFSP) : certificat Covid + ID, distanciation sociale, utilisation du gel hydroalcoolique et port du masque obligatoires.

A Venir

Marie Angeletti
du 26 novembre 2021 au 4 février 2022
La rentrée du Quartier des Bains, jeudi 13 janvier 2022, de 18h à 21h


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Du 27 au 30 janvier 2022
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