Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

What to wear to a concert? Tips for concert outfits: wear your best punk jacket with the right patches!

« A patch meant to be fixed to the back of your jacket depicting relevant cultural affiliations »
Presentation of the edition that will be given to the CEC association members of 2018
Thursday, January 17, 2019 from 6 PM to 9 PM (common openings of the Quartier des Bains)

The CEC at artgenève 2019


(editors and curators : Harry Burke and Marlie Mul)


Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

Scrolls in the Wind

A collection of scripts and poems by Harry Burke, Cyrus Grace Dunham, Sharon Hayes, James English Leary, Sophy Naess, Amy Sillman and Emily Sundblad.
Edited by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
Edition of lithographs (ed. CEC, Geneva, 2018)
artgenève 2019
31.01 – 03.02.2019
Booth D4, Palexpo, Geneva