RECENT editionS

Tobias Kaspar
Heart-Bite Valentine’s Day Teddy
Jason Dodge
edition of 120
David Hominal
Jason Dodge
“what we keep doing to ourselves”
(made near Jean Calvin’s grave)
Jason Dodge
Shoes made for someone with three feet by a master shoemaker in Berlin.
David Maljkovic
Konstantin Grcic
Victor Man
Raphaël Julliard
Oriol Vilanova
David Hominal
Through the Windows
silkscreen prints
David Hominal
Throught the Windows
Philippe Decrauzat
One second, Notes on Replica
Jonathan Monk
Soft Boiled Egg 1/10, …, Soft Boiled Eggs 10/10



Artists’ Voices

Sound exhibition from December 11, 2015 till March 26, 2016
Opening on Thursday December 10, 2015, 6 PM – 9 PM

Artists’ Voices assembles a group of sound pieces linked to the theme of the voice. The voice considered as a strong marker on the unconscious, a pre-language primal expression that is directly connected to emotions and is identifiable by a body of signs: tone, vibration, timbre, rhythm. The sound pieces are songs, declamations, monologues, a reading, a discourse, a dialogue, an echo, a whisper, a noise, a scream or breathing, up to the point of rupture, dysphonia, aphonia, silence, or even the return of sound and music.
The invited artists are either artists with whom we have already worked with or artists with whom we are currently preparing a future project, others met more recently whose work is effectively or supposedly linked to sound, recording techniques, copy and paste, the performative, repetition, singing…
The exhibition presents a simple installation favourable for listening to the different sound pieces individually: iPods and headphones, other works will invade the exhibition space intermittently or silently.
The exhibition Artists’ Voices gathers works by Rita Ackermann, Alexandre Bianchini, Gerard Byrne, Valentin Carron, Claire Fontaine, Jason Dodge, Giulia Essyad, Sylvie Fleury, Gilles Furtwängler, Mathis Gasser, Marcus Geiger/Heimo Zobernig, Vivienne Griffin, Thomas Hirschhorn, Tobias Kaspar et Karl Holmqvist, Anne Le Troter, Beat Lippert, Tobias Madison, Fabian Marti, Jonathan Monk, Damián Navarro, James Richards, Emanuel Rossetti, Ryan Conrad Sawyer, Ramaya Tegegne, Ricardo Valentim, Jean-Michel Wicker…
Artists’ Voices proposes in March 2016 the launch of a double vinyl associated with a download link and a set of performances.
NEW EDITION: Tobias Kaspar, Heart-Bite Valentine’s Day Teddy, a box containing a Teddy bear and an LP featuring a poem printed on the tag attached to the bear read by Karl Holmqvist on the occasion of a reception at Stefan Kalmár’s on February 14th, 2015 in New York City. Additionally a photograph and an invitation to the reception are included in the box. An edition of 10. Coedition Tobias Kaspar and the Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva, 2015.
The exhibition Artists’ Voices is supported by the City of Geneva, the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation and Pro Helvetia. Thanks to Ladislav Agabekov, Caduceus Mastering, Geneva and Niels Wehrspann, graphic designer, Lausanne, and Ribordy Contemporary gallery, Geneva
The CEC is supported by the Loterie Romande, the Ernst and Olga Gubler-Hablützel Foundation and the Département de la culture et du sport de la Ville de Genève.


Opening hours
14:00 — 17:00  (during exhibitions)



Mathis Gasser

Sept sont tombés vers le ciel

Works on paper
Opening Thursday May 19, 2016
6 PM – 9 PM
Exhibition May 20 – September 3, 2016